"Garden of Purification"

The objective was to create a place, a courtyard at Kindai University campus, where students can engage in various activities and relax in their own ways. Another goal was to revive it as a beautiful garden with a green lawn in the middle.

We emphasized the importance of people in the space to look attractive in the landscape.Our goal was to simultaneously achieve a landscape that is enjoyable and engaging for those who make use of the courtyard.

We considered the existing school buildings and trees as part of the "vessel of the environment," and preserved them all. This strategy created a unified sense of place in the campus that had previously seemed chaotic. Students now use this area to sit, stretch their legs freely on the grass, and enjoy the time in the fresh air.

"Academic Theater"

This project was to design an outdoor space for the Academic Theater (ACT), an organization for creating value to solve social issues beyond the boundaries of the humanities and sciences. It accompanied the reconstruction of existing department buildings and the construction of a new educational environment.

The aim was to create an environment that encourages students to perceive the changing aspects and presence of nature, leading to new perspectives, discoveries, and questions about things.

A landscape feature, light colored seatwall, has been commonly introduced at each outdoor space we have worked on for the college since year 2007. We have used the featured seatwall to orchestrate all outdoor spaces and segments into a whole integrated outdoor space. The campus which had been patchworked in different times by different designers have been woven together in harmonious landscape.