This extremely urban landscape design project involved a rooftop park to successfully serve for both commercial and public aspects. Additionally, unique challenges were inevitable due to attract the wide range of visitors and to emphasize seasonal distinctions in the urban setting. It was the sequential phase of the urban development and we were asked to complement the significance of the first phase, such as the outdoor theater and urban-style vegetable garden, by creating spaces with a much smaller programs as an infill of the development.
The design features a layers of delicate landscape, for meandering, and a comfortable urban rooftop environment where people to be inspired by others as well as to inspire others by acknowledging each other in this urban outdoor design.
Step Garden is to provide a rest area and pathways are arranged in the nested layers along with a gentle curve of the architecture. Uniquely designed art benches are placed in the resting areas, allowing visitors to experience a stroll through the forest-like setting and discover their favorite bench according to their mood and the situation. It also offers a terracing space, Forest Grandstand, named after the Osaka Stadium grandstand which was located here previously, where visitors can feel refreshed while watching various activities held at the panoramic rooftop park.
Meadow Plaza is designed to be inspired by the ancient time when the site was still in the ocean. The architectural design to metaphor a topography of a canyon along with the landscape architectural design creates "Forest Aquarium."
Play structures were built with timbers produced of thinned forest trees. Fish-shaped fun play structures and trees are strategically arranged to the landscape design layers, integrated with features like pergolas and biotopes. It is designed to stimulate the adventurous spirit of visitors. In the lawn plaza, "The Radiance of the Sky," painted by Jimmy O'nishi, a internationally acclaimed painter and comedian who was born in Osaka, has been installed as a great addition to the space.
Hilltop Terrace, located at the highest point, serves as a gathering place for all. It takes advantage of the canyon-like topography of the architectural design to create a space where visitors can truly "feel the sky." Inspired by this architectural feature, sculptures expressing clouds by Green Art are placed to incorporate to the architectural design. The edges of the clouds offer seating opportunities and provide a plaza with both contemplation and relaxation time at an outdoor art gallery.