The Aqua Metropolis Osaka Festival 2011 was a project to pass down the heritage of former festival, the Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009, while recreating a new network by proposing innovative ideas to utilize the waterfront and enhancing the charm of the city.
Local communities and community groups took the center stage and, while collaborating with the government and local businesses, displayed collaborative programs to appeal of the Aqua Metropolis Osaka.

Event Design Concepts:

  • Share the joy of the waterfront
  • Make the most out of the urban waterfront
  • Take pride in and have affection for the aqua city

In 2013, the Aqua Metropolis Osaka Partners were gathered as a regular intermediary organization. Partners engaged in activities to attract private investers to the waterfront, and in particular, they have been conducting a program, "Waterfront Town Play," since 2015, focusing on creating ongoing vibrancy in Nakanoshima Park and area management specialized in park operation. In the main project of this Waterfront Town Play, the Nakanoshima Open Terrace, Partners publicly solicits and selects operators, granting them the authority to operate cafes and barbecues along the Tosabori River for six months.